Tuesday, May 24, 2011

She's SO Much Better!

Baby Belle is bouncing again! She got her first dose of Amoxicillin Sunday morning and immediately threw it up. After five more throw ups her belly was completely empty and she dry heaved twice. She wouldn't nurse so I very reluctantly offered her Pedialite in a sippy cup, which she refused (I say reluctantly because we are still exclusively breastfeeding and I have been holding off on giving her anything but breastmilk). She eventually fell asleep and slept most of the day. She got her first good dose of antibiotic Sunday evening and nursed a bit. Monday was much better. She made up for lost time and nursed pretty frequently. Her fever completely broke and she was cutting up and being silly by yesterday evening. Today, she is fully back to normal! I'm always very reluctant about medicating myself and my children. I'd rather let our bodies do the work. However, in this case, Colleen had a low-grade fever on and off for about a week and when it got to 102.5, I gave in and took her to the doctor. My initial thought was that she had "teething fever" but when it got that high, I knew there was something else going on. I'm so glad the Amoxicillin worked because she was so miserable Sunday; it broke my heart! But she's back to herself now! YAY!!!

On another note: after 2 weeks of not having a dryer, we finally got it back fully repaired and drying the first load of the laundry mountain as I type!

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