Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiting at the Bottom of the Slide

AJ is all about doing things by herself these days. She painted her toes the other day. Aside from painting her feet and legs, she actually got some on her toe nails. And the bathroom wall. And the toilet. And the toilet paper.

Today she completely dressed herself. T shirt, sweat shirt, panties, pants, and shoes. She did everything great. Well... her sweat shirt was backwards and she put the t shirt on OVER it. And of course, her shoes were on the wrong feet. But even with those minor blunders, she was so proud of herself. I, too, was proud, but also a bit sad that she's growing up so fast. But then, on one of those mornings when we're having trouble getting everyone together, I'll be thankful she can dress herself.

She's also taken to calling me "Mom" (as opposed to Momma or Mommy) when she's around older kids. She doesn't want to hold my hand, just walk beside me. At the park, she can climb all the way to the top of the rock wall and likes to go down the super-steep, fast slide.

Even in her independence, she still needs me every now and then. She still wants me to kiss her boo-boo and tell her good night. She still comes to lay with me early in the morning.

She still wants me at the bottom of the slide.