Sunday, December 26, 2010


So these post will be a little out of order. Oh, well...

Christmas was splendid! We woke up at 6:30. I nursed Colleen while AJ watched Curious George until Joseph got things together (put the bike out). When AJ FINALLY noticed the bike and the presents she got really excited. Santa was very good to her. And me. I got a Shark steam mop, spring form pans (can't wait to make cheesecake!), and the Zumba Wii game will be acquired whenever we can find it. Santa finally brought our family a dual screen DVD player for the car, too. It will definitely make those trips to VA much easier. Breakfast was provided by Waffle House carry out.
We visited Joseph's family Christmas Eve and day. We ate so much great food! The desserts were ridiculous! I must brag, after gaining about 5 pounds last year (to my credit, I was newly pregnant), I haven't gained a single pound this year! It's shocking considering all the coconut cake I've eaten!
Next weekend we head to VA to visit my family. I can't wait! They haven't seen Colleen since she was born. Plus, we get to hold on to Christmas a little while longer...

Christmas pictures to follow.

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