Sunday, July 4, 2010

11 weeks to go!

So my last post was almost 10 weeks ago... sorry...
We are having a another little girl in about 11 weeks. We've already picked out a name, Colleen Marie. I'm already crazy about her and can not wait until she's born. September 17th is the big day. I'm very curious about what she will be like. AJ is so rambunctious and sassy. Having another little wild child would be exhausting and overwhelming, I'm sure. But I don't know what I would do with a calm, collected child. I'm used to going full force with AJ and couldn't imagine raising a child any other way. I'll have my work cut out for me either way!

AJ turned 2 on the 1st. We took her to see Toy Story 3. This was her first time at the movies. For a 2 yr old, she did really well. She wanted to talk the whole time, but that's expected from her. She is so completely obsessed with Woody, Buzz, and Jessie! She watches Toy Story at least twice a day. It's great for those times when I need to get things done, but it does start to get old after a while. I guess there are more annoying things she could be obsessed with though...

We had AJ's birthday party on 6/26. It was a small family get-together and turned out really nice. I scheduled it for the evening hoping that it wouldn't be so terribly hot. That idea didn't work too well. It didn't start getting tolerable outside until about 7:30. Once we got outside it was nice though. When the sun went do we got the fire pit going and had s'mores! It was so much fun! The kids got to hold sparklers, which they thoroughly enjoyed! The night was a success and a great time with the entire family.

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